Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Schedule & Suggestion Box

Chris has a new idea for being able to keep the show going on a regular basis.

Reminder: Read from Bottom to Top.

With this being said, I would also like to stress that I want this to be a friendly, interactive environment between myself and the viewers (all two of you).  I fully welcome any suggestions you may have for future episodes.  Who knows?  I may already be slated to cover something you'd like to see on the show.  Or maybe you'll bring up something that I've never considered/heard of.

Just so you have an idea of what's already on the docket, here's a list of things I intend to cover at some point in the future:
  • Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man
  • Marvel's "The Transformers"
  • My Little Pony comics (I do not yet know what story arc. Suggestions welcome)
  • "Zatanna's Search"
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot
  • More Danny Phantom
  • More Superman
  • Captain America & Superman: The Paragon Paradigm
  • The Ideal Wonder Woman
  • Are the Fantastic 4 Superheroes?
  • The New Warriors
  • JSA Spotlight
  • Green Lantern: First Flight
  • Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
  • The Superman/Batman Dynamic
  • My Ideal Avengers Roster
Now you know what's on my list for the future.  Feel free to contribute to that list however you wish. Also, feel free to ask questions for a future show I'm planning, in which WiseGuy answers YOUR questions!  I also am always open to recommendations for Cynic reviews.

That's all for now, guys.  As always, thanks for watching.  Take care!

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