Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Welcome to NetworkNextTV

Yes, Welcome to the world of NetworkNextTV, brought to you by ThatRuled.com!

NetworkNext is a "channel", if you will, of ThatRuled.com that specializes in reviewing movies for entertainment purposes, as well as comics and cartoons for actual insights...but also for entertainment purposes.  NetworkNext has already published a great deal of material that I will repost to this blog at some point or another.  The only reason I do not do so immediately, is simply that there is a lot of it and I wish to do so in as organized a way as I possibly can.  Now that the summary is out of the way, allow me to fall a bit further into detail with the line-up of shows that NetworkNext has to offer and how things will be set up.

Capes & Crusaders: Quickly becoming the primary show of NetworkNext, Capes & Crusaders is run by a passionate comic book fanatic named Ink who reviews superhero comics and various cartoons.  These reviews typically are less about being funny and more about giving insights and sharing viewpoints.

Inked Editorials: Occasionally Ink wants to talk comics without reviewing.  The Inked Editorials are his outlet to talk about whatever it is in the industry that's on his mind.

The CyniCritic: A snarky, easily annoyed reviewer named Cynic tackles some of the worst bombs he's seen in theaters...or on TV.  Oh, and in the event that you don't like his opinion...he really doesn't care.

Silver Screen Cinema: An optimistic film analyst decides to take a look at the phenomena of certain movies.  People trash movies he likes and praise movies he doesn't.  That's all good, but why shouldn't he be allowed to voice his own opinion?

That WiseGuy: A smart allec with an accent decides to tell people every which way they're being morons...and make people laugh while he does it.

NNTV's Primary show is Capes & Crusaders.  This show will typically occur once every other week, with any of the other shows during the weeks in between, starting in September (Hopefully).  I will try to keep you all updated as much as I can.  Until then, below is a link to the NetworkNextTV section of ThatRuled.com


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